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An Edu Link also known as .edu links are back links from the most trusted & authoritative domains on the internet.


Edu links are probably some of the most respected heavily weighted text links in the search industry. The domains of educational sites are considered to be the most trusted domains because of the quality of content of these websites. Most of the material available on these sites is the essence of the research conducted by students or scholars of various disciplines. Search engines consider the material available on the websites to be trustworthy and attach high rankings to an .edu link. Due to the authoritative nature of these websites a lot of internet marketers seek their links for their own websites. The inbound link value of edu back links is quite obvious. Back links to these sites can give you a high Page Rank. However, it is a very time consuming activity to develop your own edu text links naturally. And if you are new to the world of internet marketing, you may not be able to get quality edu text links. There are many websites and firms that buy and sell edu text links. You can buy edu back links from this cyber market.


Generally, .edu links can be classified into four categories. Internal links only help the navigators to access the information within the .edu website. These links are shortcuts to various pages. Reciprocal links are two way links that two or more websites agree to provide to each other. .Edu websites sometimes offer free links too. When ever there is valuable material or guide available at a website, they may offer a link. The last class of links is paid links. You can buy .edu text links by paying monthly or annual fees.

EDU text links are of various types. Article links is one of them. Usually links are given at the end of such articles with a post script that you can find more information about the subject by following the link. You can place article links to your own site buy creating your own anchor title. Category links are link types that can be placed within a specific edu page. Category links must be relevant to the theme of your website to achieve the highest possible results. Another type of edu back links is key word link. You choose the relevant keywords and link them to your own website. When ever somebody clicks that word it leads that person to your site where he can find more information about the key word.


Internal links in a web site only help the visitors to access quickly the desired material with in the website. They do not help in the ranking of your web. However, the originality of the design, sometimes, helps in search engine optimization but, mostly, it does not facilitate your position in the search engine ranking. Web masters would not recommend back linking with irrelevant and substandard websites. Search engine optimizers would suggest that you buy or develop edu back links. Edu links give more weight to your web page because they are quality sites. They usually represent a respectable institution that is why they have some additional social consideration when it comes to page ranking or search engine optimization. Edu links have great importance in search engine marketing. They are the most trusted and authoritative links that can enhance the Page Rank of a website. Most of the .edu links are associated with educational institutions like universities and colleges. The contents of these pages are regularly up dated to show new requirements or news. The information provided by such sites is research based. So the major engines give more importance to edu sites and direct web traffic towards these websites. A back link from these websites means that you can share the trust of these pages. With the increase in edu back links, your own website will become a trustful source of information. Search engines will give you priority for your authoritative .edu back links.


Every one is after links of those websites that have high traffic, large viewer base and high page ranks. If you get such a link from anywhere, it means gaining high ranks in search engine result pages. You may get a link by chance but mostly you have to buy .edu link. Usually these links are not available to every one, especially marketers. Mostly the edu websites do not compromise their integrity. No one is going easily to link to you from the front or the sub-page of their edu domain.

You can get a link to edu websites by writing quality articles for various article directories. Your article may be selected by an edu domain. In this way you will get a link to that edu site. However, you have to strive really hard to get an .edu link by this method. Another method is that you can search for an edu text link. Your search will most probably end up on a student sponsored blog on a sub-domain. Most of the .edu links on sale on the internet are the sub-domains of the .edu sites. These may be the blogs of various students that have .edu text links.


The quality and quantity of the websites linking to your pages is very important for the search engine optimization. So it becomes very important to have a lot of links from various places on the internet because the search engines see it as a sign of trust. Though all the links are created equal, search engines evaluate the links of your website on certain criteria that includes the relevancy of your site’s theme, page rank of the linking site and the domain authority of the linking site. The relevancy of the theme requires that the site with which you are establishing a link should be relevant to your web’s subject matter. Page ranking means that the site from where a link has been bought should have top ranking in search engines. The domain authority of the website will be more potent if its contents are original and have high informative value. Always remember that an edu domain in itself is not very important. What make an edu text link so much more important are the contents of its pages. As the contents of edu domains are contributed by university students and scholars, they are taken as the most trusted content on the internet. These are the reasons why .edu links are helpful. Another reason for the popularity of edu text links is that these sites have various trusted links from colleges, universities and different research institutes.


Back link serve as a reference to your site. The larger number of back links you have, the more people will visit your web pages. Moreover, the major search engines attach considerable value to an edu back link. It reciprocates your web traffic. Developing high traffic at your web means increase in your productivity and marketing.


You may ask how an .edu back link can help you improve your page ranking? It is very obvious that most of the .edu web sites are trusted ones and have a large number of links from various colleges and universities. The contents of these websites are deemed to be of a very authoritative nature because the articles, text or other information on edu websites are contributed by scholars that have command of their subjects. That is why edu websites attract a lot of web traffic every day and this traffic can be shared by you if you have an .edu back link.

Apart from attracting traffic, there are many other benefits of an edu back link. Search engines use various tools for website ranking. These back links connected to your site increase the importance of your website. As .edu sites are heavy traffic sites, this traffic is directed towards your pages. The search engines view back links as the indicators of web traffic on your site. If you have a back link, like edu text links, from a high traffic site then search engines assume you too have heavy traffic.

People searching for various products and services consider the top ranked websites as the most trusted and valuable sites. They usually do not go through all the websites and prefer top ranking sites to look for information about services and products that they need. Top ranking of your website by search engines means that you are getting more potential visitors. Obviously you want to make your site the top ranking website by the search engines. For this purpose back links from .edu websites can increase the popularity of your pages. Their trust for the search engines, their traffic and a large number of links to various colleges and universities make them the perfect sites to be had as links. .Edu back links are not a myth; they are a reality behind the popularity of many websites.


The importance of links is amply clear now. You have to develop edu text links in order to increase your position in the search engine results. It is very essential for your business. That is why most web masters recommend linking your site to edu sites. If you start building links for your site, it is a time consuming activity and it requires a lot of effort. If you do not want to waste your valuable time, then you have to buy .edu links. Before going for a website that sells links of various .edu domains, you have to see whether you can get any utility from them or not. You must be particular about the pages that are indexed by some popular search engines while buying .edu links. The age of the domain also plays a very important role in the popularity of the website. The websites that are not updated over a period of time loose their popularity and consequently their value in search engine algorithms. Page ranking of a website is also very important. You will get more results by buying .edu links which have high Rankings. If the root domain of link you are going to buy is efficient in these matters, then you should buy the .edu link. It will certainly improve your own ranking and you will get more traffic on your website.

You should also be conscious while buying .edu text links about the fact that the major search engines give more priority to .edu links that are relevant to the theme of your website. The number of back links show high efficiency if they naturally fit to the contents of the .edu text link. Your website will attract more visitors that are seeking more relevant information.

Sometimes, search engines may ban your site for buying .edu links from where ever you get one because, they prefer naturally developed links. But it is nearly impossible for the new websites to develop links with .edu sites. .Edu sites will only develop their links with those websites that offer quality contents to their visitors. You may loose much of your valuable time in this race. A simple solution to solve the problem is to buy .edu links which ensure your top position in search engine ranking.

You can find numerous websites for buying .edu links. You should be very careful while buying .edu link. Usually the edu sites do not sell links. Various students that have back links with these sites for their blogs sell links that may do you more harm than good. Buying .edu links give you the desired results if you have bought a proper link in a befitting manner. It is not the quantity of links that matters; it is the quality of your back links. Only quality edu back links with high page ranking and root domain can meet your expectations. You have to make it sure that Your edu link should not come from a secondary source. It must originate from the primary source.