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The potent power of EDU Text links

It is a well known fact that link building is a key factor in promoting your website and improving search engine results. However it is no easy feat. Just learning about the importance of link building escapes many a website owner, so if you are already armed with this knowledge, you are ahead of many. Acquiring your text links for your keywords is a complex, multi-faceted, and time consuming endeavor. But it must be done. The sites in the Top 10 in Google or Yahoo for your keywords are doing it. Your competitors buy text links, and you are going to have to do it as well if you want to rank higher. And on a competitive keyword, you can expect to do it in a BIG way, in addition to your on-page SEO work.

Beyond directories

Directory submissions are the first step most people take when they realize they need links. This is good, and because most are free or cheap, it also must be done. But like anything, if it comes that easy, your competitor’s have done it and you are not going to make a big dent in your results with directory links alone, if any. Again, if you are going to surpass or keep up with your competitor’s in search engine results, you will need to buy text links and work continuously on your one way inbound links.

The beauty of the EDU link is in its impact

An .edu textlink is a power-packed link. There are not many sources to buy edu text links, and our EDUtextlinks in particular are more valuable than any other source.

Firstly, to explain in depth why the EDU link has significantly more weight than a standard inbound text link: To start with, there is the scarcity factor. EDU website cannot be started by anyone but an educational facility. Like .gov links, because they are rarer websites, the value of garnering a link on them is higher. EDUs in particular are respected because they tend to be informational and authoritative resources as well. Being on the EDU domain or subdomain carries inherent weight for several reasons. The university websites tend to be older domains, 10+ years, and the older the domain, the more weighted the ‘vote’ from a link on that domain or subdomain. These established .edu sites have thousands of backlinks, making the domain powerful.

An SEO company may work very hard searching for just one EDU link or a gov link, maybe they have a friend that teaches at a university and will put a text link on a website as a favor. Maybe they do not know where to buy text links. If you have access to this situation, by all means grab it, you need as many incoming links as you can get. However one link is likely not going to put you over the top in your keyword search results. You’ll want a package of links from to make a difference.

EDU links are not created equal

Our links are hands down the best and most effective for several reasons. By embedding your links in natural content, custom written for you, using your keywords, the search engine crawlers place weight on them. Links in natural content are far more powerful than a link stuck on a page, the search engine algorithms will notice this. We build our pages naturally, with minimal links recommended, which is also beneficial in the spiders ‘eyes’. We have seen some horrifying pages created selling links, spammy pages with 20 text links on a page. The search engines will see this and discount the value. We also optimize our pages with appropriate meta tags. And we promote our pages as well, buying links to each of our .EDU websites. The result of this is that our pages are indexing much quicker than anticipated, most within a week. Google LIKES these pages.

Hooked on Buying Text Links — that monthly rental addiction

Most text links for sale are getting a monthly rent. You pay every month for the link, and when you stop paying, the textlink comes down. And your search engine results come down as well. You have no choice but to keep paying every month to retain all the hard work you’ve done. We offer permanent links. Permanent text links that do not come down. We guarantee your textlinks to remain for a year, but we will never take down your page. You can calculate a real budget and not get roped into a monthly rent that you cannot afford to stop.

Surprising proof that EDU txt links hold weight

If you take only one thing away from this article, let it be this: Probably the most astonishing proof of the value of the EDU link has been seen in our pages. These newly created custom pages obviously start off with a Page Rank of zero. (You’ll notice page rank has not even been discussed in this article; it is not the factor to consider when valuing your EDUlink.) We are actually seeing these EDU website pages come up in Google search results for the keywords they are promoting. 4-5 week old pages with no other incentive pushing them up other than the fact that they are on an EDU website. Our EDU websites. Proof positive of the way search engines respect these pages.