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Page Rank Schmage Rank

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

When it comes to .edu links, we are not concerned with PR. Our links are authority links and passing value regardless of the PR that shows on the page. However, we do get lots of clients asking what the PR of the page is, what it will be, etc. Google has us trained to look for our “grade”.  If you are not selling links on your site, you really need to ignore your PR.  And for obtaining links to your site, you need a mix of PR links higher and lower than your sites PR.

The pages we build for you will start with zero page rank. They may or may not develop their own “grade” in time. Our main sites – some have some PR, some do not. Some have lived through an update, some are newer. ALL are passing the value of an authority link and pushing sites up in search. Sometimes we see our pages in the top 10, proof that the edu is an authority link.

Focus instead on your search ranking for the terms that bring you the best traffic. Time and again you will see low PR sites outranking higher PR sites for various words.  Do your SEO homework and watch your rankings rise.  A Page Rank is just a general indicator, and not updated real time anyhow.