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This Client went from #7 to #1 after Edu Links

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

We are asked all the time how much other clients see their rankings improve after EDU links are added to their link profile. It’s usually hard to quantify, since people building links like these are often doing other link building and SEO work.  But with this client, he did no other link building, this was his first foray into paid links.  His case study:

He bought 5 pages, and put 3 keywords on each page. These were not the most competitive words, 3 words long, and had California in the anchor text (since he only sells to people within his state). Because they were not too competitive, we recommended 5 pages to start, and if he likes the results, can run more pages without ‘California’.  The results, only 2 weeks later, are that one keyword stayed the same, one keyword went from #10 to #4, and one keyword went from #7 to #1! As these links season, we expect it will sneak up a little more.

We routinely do hear back from clients that their rankings are moving up, some of them amazingly quickly, within a few days.  But this case with no other SEO work done, it’s nice to have some concrete numbers.

Five New Schools Added

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

For those of you that haven’t added pages with us in awhile, and especially for those of you that are on all 20 of our sites, we have added some new edu pages recently.  If you are not yet on any of these sites, contact us to add some extra edu links to these:





Kennessaw State

A five page package is regularly $1199. Mention this blog post and get it for $1000 and will get you on all 5 new schools.  (expires 11/15/08)

Using your domain as anchor text for links

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

We are recommending to clients that they use their as anchor text for a portion of their links. The pages are natural, the links are in content, but naturally occuring links on the net do not occur as anchor text for the most part.  If someone is writing about finding herbal tea, they will link the name of the fantastic company that they found as a source for tea, not the word “tea”.  It is being theorized in SEO circles that a page of relevant content, where the Googlebot is reading relevant keywords surrounding the link, with the anchor text as your URL, is going to pass authority for that topic or industry.

Ideally with a 10 page package, with one or two links per page, you would use 3-4 of these links on your URL, and the others on 2-3 different keywords.  This keeps the profile more natural, as links tend to occur on the web.  The value is passed and the exposure minimized.