Why We Do Not Share Our Pages with Potential Clients

One of the most common questions we get asked by potential clients is to see an example page, or one of our other client’s pages so they can understand what they are buying. Very legitimate question, I would ask it too, but there are a few reasons we do not do this.

Mainly to protect our existing clients. Paid links are frowned upon by Google, so smart webmasters and SEO companies that are buying links are doing so carefully, and staying under the radar. Sometimes competitors will report a site’s links in an effort to get them penalized (this rarely works by the way unless the paid text links are very very spammy and overdone). We do not tell a stranger that calls or emails where our pages are, otherwise they can see all of our clients that we are protecting. Now you may say that if someone becomes a client, they could see some of our client’s pages. This is true, but we make efforts to minimize this. First, not all clients are on all of our sites. With over 20 sites, we spread them around quite a bit. Also, the 2 page minimum is strictly enforced. This also deters clients that are not serious about link building.

Another reason we do not share our pages is to protect our sites in general. Someone that is does not have links on that site should never see the location of the site, for the same reason. We do not want any troublemakers interfering.

It is helpful, and would increase our sales, to get to show how natural and valuable these pages are up front, but our first priority is remaining under the radar. Instead, we can describe the pages in detail, and assure you that you are getting exactly what we say, no funny business, very straight forward.


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