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Keeping our Links Under the Radar

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

We are constantly making efforts to improve the quality of links we provide. One of our strong points is keeping the links under the radar. We have several efforts in place, some old, some new:

1. The fact that the link is in content helps immensely. The fact that the page is 400 words of content, and not just a 3-4 sentence paragraph like some of those blog posts people sell– this is also higher quality.

2. Our best kept secret, an idea developed by us, and to my knowledge the only company doing this, is to block Yahoo from indexing the pages. This is to keep your spying competitors from seeing what you are doing to promote your site. For those of you that do not know, people commonly use Yahoo to view a sites backlinks, because they tend to show all or most of a sites incoming links, where Google only shows a very small portion. So although our edu links will not help improve your Yahoo search rankings, they also will not be visible to outsiders.

3. We limit the # of links on a page. The spider knows if it is a spammy page full of links. The Google algorithm surely includes a ration of words to links, and it does read the words around your links to verify content. We have seen some pretty hideous pages, and if you have purchased pages like this before, we recommend you take them down fast. The algo is getting smarter, and spammy paid pages are triggering flags. Most of our clients know this, they only request 1-2 links per page, but we can also reassure you that we will not let some other inexperienced client fill up his page with 10 or 20 links, drawing attention to the site. You will be in good company.

4. We limit the number of pages we will sell someone. Although I love a big sale like the rest of the world, it will not do you any good to slam up 40 pages in a week all linked to the same URL. We carefully advise our clients on what is an appropriate number of pages. Again, let’s all stay smart and under the radar.

5. We do not share our pages before we sell. And we will not sell less than 2 pages. These weeds out less than savory clients that maybe are fishing for info, or maybe just new to SEO and do not understand what is desired and what is risky. Again, good company helps us all. This is also part of the reason we raised our prices recently – the value is clearly there to people that know what they are doing, and with our link and page caps now, we will keep only serious clients.

We are always open for more ideas, lots of our decisions are based on client input. so let’s all stay in touch, keep working to stay 2 steps ahead of the algorithm and keep our sites ranking high.